Summer to Winter...

Winter is just around the corner and it is approaching faster than usual – Is it just me or did Autumn hardly feature this year? There was no transition phase between summer and winter! Gone are the days of drinking icy lemonade, tanning in the back yard, swimming and summer dresses. Winter has its perks though… Warm beverages, movies, fires, rocking the ‘layered’ look.. oh and getting fat (YAY!)

Here it is – My winter 2012

You got to love the Aldo leather boots hey? It took my dad a few days to get used to them – but now he likes them too (Go Daddy!) I’ll pass them down to my children one day…
These pants (which appears to be a skirt) was designed by Jo Borkett. Those who know, will tell you - not cheap. These pants originally cost R650. I kid you not I bought them for R90! How’s that for a sale? It was a size 36 so it required some tailoring… But hey 90  bucks?? 

  Dankie boetie vir my beeni smeeni!*

I borrowed this little jersey under my jacket from Michelle for the holiday – Dankie nje ;)
That's it from me. It's is time to hit the books now. This was a great holiday. Im dreading the morning i need to return to school - But hey! - just this year then i'm done!