Monday, 30 April 2012

My Uncle's 50th Birthday

Please do excuse the absence. It has been a rather busy weekend...
So it was my Uncles 50th birthday on Saturday.
Friday the final preparation took place and might I add it was a rather busy morning in the kitchen. There was the battle of the bread: 

Ek like jou buns ma ;)

The promising pampoen poffertjies...

      And the blêrrie biltong balletjies (Do excuse the word I’m using, but you’d be using the same one if you had to make 100 little cream cheese, onion marmalade and biltong balls)...

At 10am Saturday morning we took off. A major part of the drive consisted of a 4x4 dirt road. This is not a big deal – unless you have a car packed with jars and tins of food that have to be kept upright! All was good and we arrived there with no food casualties – Few!

My highlight was definitely the floating lanterns! Yes, it was exactly like I always see it in the movies – maybe even better!
The rest of the evening went very well, in fact I think it was a wonderful night. Big ups to everyone who organised it!

On Sunday we packed up and were heading back home! This time around the dirt road showed a bit more of a challenge. Some sat on the hill – watching! – As the cars made it up the steep hill... one by one…
TIP TO FUTURE SELF: If you car is front-wheel drive and the road has little stones that make your wheels spin – Reverse up the hill! Dankie Pa!

Dit was n baie besonderse aand! En baie geluk Oom!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Quick update on today

Today we are catering for my uncles birthday party.... My mom has been slaving away in the kitchen for tediously long hours... Ladies and gentlemen let's hear it for my mom!!! I'll post the results soon ;)
Until then: Behave and when you don't... enjoy it!

INSPERATION : Jannie Du Toit

This morning I awoke with one aspiration – to have fun. I read about Jeremiah’s struggles and disputes he had to conquer. Just once I asked to have fun. No homework. No life lesson to learn the hard way. No difficult discussions. Just jollification.
God answer my prayers. I spent my night listening attentively to the words of a man, who happens to be the inspiration of today’s post. The cherry on top was being the lucky one out of over a hundred people to  walk off with his CD….
Here are my thoughts on tonight:
INSPERATION : Jannie Du Toit
The best music is what was there before we started filling our ears with emotionless beats and foul, empty language. Somewhere along the line we saw something in lyrics such as ‘I wanna make love in this club’. What happened to ‘Jantjie Pieterse my pel wan die platteland…’?
This night was one of the highlights of this year... so far. No disco lights, no shirtless men and no Justin-Biebers. Just meaningful lyrics from a man who has experienced the best and worst of memories. It was real and authentic. Thank you Oom Jannie for reminding me what music should sound like and simply for a great night. Salute.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sometimes my own words fail me. In that case I will use the words of others.
"A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her." - Maya Angelou

After a week with my beloved Blue Nokia...

This post follows From a Smartphone to a Brick.  Here are my thoughts about the week with my Nokia:
1.       I know now where I used to get time to read: before I go to bed at night. These days I chat until my eyes eventually close.
2.       I learnt to enjoy the quiet moments because I didn’t always have music around me.
3.       I realised how often I pick up my phone when I’m bored without thinking.
4.       Going on Facebook became something to look forward to, instead of a habit.
5.       Communicating with the Nokia took a lot of airtime! (No mxit, whatsapp and Gtalk) 
6.       I only had to charge my phone ONCE this week.
7.       A message came up saying my inbox is full. How many messages was in my inbox? FIVE.
8.       I realised SNAKE2 was the best cell phone game ever created. It is legendary.
It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed it. I will definitely appreciate my phone and technology a lot more now. If I can get to a point where I can appreciate technology and use it only when necessary and not let it waste my time and make me lazy, I will be happy.  
"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." -Gertrude Stein 


Saturday, 14 April 2012

From a Smartphone to a Brick

This week I’m taking vintage to a whole new level… Seriously.

I’m challenging myself. This week I will use a Nokia 5210 instead of my HTC Wildfire. Some of you might recognize this little blue phone. It was considered a  very ‘smart’ phone…. Well that was back in 2004…

I have decided to do this because I want to see what technology I have started to depend on. I want to see how many things I have gotten used to. To always have everything at the touch of a button – the pros and the cons.  After a week of no Mxit, Whatsapp, music, a camera, mobile Facebook etc I will get back to you. Let’s see if I can do this…

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Life of my dreams...

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.”

I started crying when I had to come back to school. The reason being: at school it is very difficult for me to do what I love because there is always something else that needs attention. Some project or duty. I just wanted to forward this year and get to next year, so that I can do what I enjoy. Then I read this quote and I realised how true it is. I can start living that life by living it in every little way I possibly – I can blog, draw in my maths book and anything else for that matter.
Just for three terms and then >>> CAPE TOWN!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Homegrown and Healthy :)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… or does it? The apple we eat to day is definitely not the apple our grandparents ate when they first said these famous words. They ate apples from the tree in the backyard. Or maybe from the farmers market in town. Fresh produce! If it had a little worm in it or tiny bites from birds it was all the better. It showed that even nature thought that was an apple worth eating. Today we buy an apple from pick n pay. This apple comes from a tree that was probably given unnatural fertilizer, sprayed with pesticides and has gone through chemical processes and waxing to expand its shelf life and makes It look so clean, green and tasty. And kept in cool rooms for months where it looses plenty of its nutritional value. Yes… This is the apple we consider healthy.
The horrid truth is that people do not know where their food products come from. My family and I on the other hand are happy to say that most of what we eat is home-grown and healthy! Let me tell you a bit about what goes on our farm.
Where does our milk come from? Pick n pay? – NO! Lindsey is our jersey and she provides us with healthy, creamy milk that tastes like no milk you have ever tasted. She is blind on the one side and likes to walk with the bulls (if you know what I mean). Her calf is a crossbreed and only half Jersey. That’s why we call her Pullover.
Our meat does not come from a abattoir… (not even I want to know what goes on behind the doors of an abattoir). It comes from our grass-fed sheep, born and raised on our farm. They are healthy, contain no growth hormones and are pretty tasty. Even their fat is good for you. My dad recently read in an article that their fat is rich in omega 3, which dieticians say is a necessary part of a balanced diet. Very close to the essential fish oil supplements. So the men in our family may eat as much as they want to, and mom does not complain!
Eggs from hens that are kept in layer batteries and fed on layer mash or pallets have a very high omega 6 content, which is not a healthy fat. That is why you hear of people saying eggs leed to a high cholesterol. Eggs from free-range hens – or as we like to call them 'happy hens' –  which feed on different grains, green grass and natural proteins such as insects are healthy eggs rich in omega 3 which is a healthy fat that does not contribute to a higher cholesterol.
Our veggies are all home-grown in a garden fertilised with compost and kraal manure. No pestiscides. Pest are controlled by natural methods such as companion planting and wise usage of herbs. We mainly use seedling from heirloom seeds (open pollinated seeds from old and approved cultivars that has been passed down with generations) and avoid the use of hybrid or GM (genetically modified) seedlings.
This is why I can say that if something were to happen and we all had to provide for ourselves, we would be well-off and cared form. I believe that it is  a principle that every new generation should learn. That we need to live from the soil. It has a lot to offer. And it is there for our use. One day my children will say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and actually mean it!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Summer to Winter...

Winter is just around the corner and it is approaching faster than usual – Is it just me or did Autumn hardly feature this year? There was no transition phase between summer and winter! Gone are the days of drinking icy lemonade, tanning in the back yard, swimming and summer dresses. Winter has its perks though… Warm beverages, movies, fires, rocking the ‘layered’ look.. oh and getting fat (YAY!)

Here it is – My winter 2012

You got to love the Aldo leather boots hey? It took my dad a few days to get used to them – but now he likes them too (Go Daddy!) I’ll pass them down to my children one day…
These pants (which appears to be a skirt) was designed by Jo Borkett. Those who know, will tell you - not cheap. These pants originally cost R650. I kid you not I bought them for R90! How’s that for a sale? It was a size 36 so it required some tailoring… But hey 90  bucks?? 

  Dankie boetie vir my beeni smeeni!*

I borrowed this little jersey under my jacket from Michelle for the holiday – Dankie nje ;)
That's it from me. It's is time to hit the books now. This was a great holiday. Im dreading the morning i need to return to school - But hey! - just this year then i'm done!

Friday, 6 April 2012

I'm Only Young ONCE!

My inspiration – my grandmothers birthday, my red lip-stick and Lana Del Rey….
I’m only sixteen once. We’re only young once. Let’s run around barefoot, let’s fall inlove for the first time, kiss, dress-up, sing in the shower, sleep late and dream of tomorrow. Let’s live.
Today I sat around a table with many older people. I realized how time flies and there really ain’t much we can do about it. In a couple of year I’ll be married and have children. Perhaps I’ll no longer be on earth. I don’t want to look back on life and regret not living in the moment. I do not want to look at all the time I wasted. I want to know I lived every moment, stretched every boundary, loved many people, experience countless emotions. I want to know I lived.
I’m young and this might sound rebellious but I do believe every child has a right to be naughty every now and then. We have a right to make mistakes, fall in and out of ‘love’. Because at the end, at least you’ll know you lived a fun life without limits and without caring what the world says.
SO yes... If I want a kiss from a random stranger in the road or if I want to skinny-dip in the river… Let me do so. I’m not stupid or reckless. I know the lines I shouldn’t cross.  But let me be young.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Servietts as place mats!

And so the preparation for my grandmother's 80th birthday party starts :)

We needed place mats that contributed to the look we wanted to create, but we didn't want to spend to much money on it. We saw beautiful serviettes in Crazy Store and then had them laminated! It looks STUNNING and is a very easy, cheaper, more versatile and fun way of making a place mat!  

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Die sout van die aarde 

This post is dedicated to three of my friends:
Zesu, Michelle and Mandaba although i've only known you for just over a year now you have become very close to me. In fact i think we have all  become really close to one another. Thank you for what you mean to me. Thank you for sharing your lives with me. Thank you for being the sisters i never had.
Zesuliwe - You were my roomate for a year, and although we thought we were never going to get along, we soon realised He put the two of us next to each other for a reason. We have enough memories already to  last a life time. Thank you sissie.
"I'm a pistol (bang-bang).... "
Neliswa - My sout rooi tamatie... My Molly.... dankie vir jou geduld en liefde. You always manage to brighted up my day. And thank you for dealing with my mood-swings ;)
PS: I'll bring more sugar next term... you deserve it

 Michelle - You are the first friend i ever made a taco for - AND took it to school on a Monday morning. I hope you know that. With you never a dull moment, never a quiet moment either. I know Big-foot and Mushroom would agree with me that you are very special (and not in a retarded way)
Next term: PLEASE no raisins and tacos ok? 

Paas-Uithourit 2012 Confidence to Amsterdam

Hello there! I have to apologize for my absence - My laptop has been having a few problems and besides that my holiday has been action-packed and busy…
Yesterday marked the last day of an exciting 3 days of my holiday. We ended our Paas-Uithourit 2012 Confidence to Amsterdam.  We were seven people (friends) that rode over 80km on horseback over a period of three days. This sounds easy but I can assure you it challenged many aspects  of our lives. It obviously physically stretched us –I could barely sit the first night. But it also had its emotional toll on us –The first night I started crying, because it seemed pointless to have to walk that far and put so much trust in a horse 3 times your size. I finished it though, and looking back I realised how much we learnt from simple things such as having to jump over a creek with your horse. We developed our navigation skills and it asked a lot of nerve.

My horse Milo - And my milo ;)

My dad and Amore handing out certificates ;)
Ons sing om die vuurtjie...

Thank you Immanuel, Kimmie, Wian, Jodan & all our parents. I had a lot of fun and I say next year we make it 100km (or more)!