My Uncle's 50th Birthday

Please do excuse the absence. It has been a rather busy weekend...
So it was my Uncles 50th birthday on Saturday.
Friday the final preparation took place and might I add it was a rather busy morning in the kitchen. There was the battle of the bread: 

Ek like jou buns ma ;)

The promising pampoen poffertjies...

      And the blêrrie biltong balletjies (Do excuse the word I’m using, but you’d be using the same one if you had to make 100 little cream cheese, onion marmalade and biltong balls)...

At 10am Saturday morning we took off. A major part of the drive consisted of a 4x4 dirt road. This is not a big deal – unless you have a car packed with jars and tins of food that have to be kept upright! All was good and we arrived there with no food casualties – Few!

My highlight was definitely the floating lanterns! Yes, it was exactly like I always see it in the movies – maybe even better!
The rest of the evening went very well, in fact I think it was a wonderful night. Big ups to everyone who organised it!

On Sunday we packed up and were heading back home! This time around the dirt road showed a bit more of a challenge. Some sat on the hill – watching! – As the cars made it up the steep hill... one by one…
TIP TO FUTURE SELF: If you car is front-wheel drive and the road has little stones that make your wheels spin – Reverse up the hill! Dankie Pa!

Dit was n baie besonderse aand! En baie geluk Oom!