Friday, 30 August 2013

Recycled Tapestry Top

This top was (once again) made from my mom’s left over fabric that she used for the couches. It is a good quality tapestry. I knew that I wanted to make something from it as soon as I saw the fabric.
I used an old dress pattern that I shortened to make a top – and then i added the long contrasting zipper at the back. I fully lined it with shwe-shwe fabric.
My logo is cut out of black and white leather off-cuts.

And this is the couch (hate having to always Google whether it's coach or couch!?) anyways... this is the couch I've been telling you about :)

That's all from me - for now!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Suzanne Ford's Beautiful Coat

This is such a stunning coat, and the styling is just perfect. It has a romantic, vintage, grungy feel to it. I think this is one of those pieces that will never get old. The color is odd - and that is exactly why I fell in love with it! Well done Suzanne Ford!

A Blue (soon to be faded) Jacket


I slightly adjusted the Safari Jacket 02/2013 #102 pattern to make this jacket.
It is made from old material that my mom used to cover the couches. We found out that the fabric fades very quickly in the sun… So the couch looks sad now, but I cant wait for this Jacket to fade a bit so that it has a worn-out faded look!
I did not put a cord in the bottom seam because i didn’t find it necessary and my short body didn’t allow it. I made the sleeves slightly shorted as well.
If I could redo this project I would’ve used proper this interfacing instead of also using the thick blue cotton as interfacing. It would’ve been much neater. I am still very proud of this one though!!! What do you think?

Material Notes

100% Cotton




Garment Type

Grey Top/Jersey

Soft grey top/jersey I made with grey leather trimmings around the neck and a red zip at the back. I used an old McCall pattern I borrowed from a friend.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

We left it for a rainy day

We wished for cloudy weather so that the lighting for photos would be perfect... Be careful what you wish for. We had cold rainy weather for two solid days, so we decided to make lemonade. Zesu was "pap-sop-winter-water-nat" and my poor camera nearly drowned.... in the end it was all worth it!