Tuesday, 21 August 2012

An Update on Me

Lately life hasn't been to easy for me. Maybe it hasn't been life, but just my view of it that has left my in bed crying and waking up with red eyes reflecting an aching heart.

The pressure from school was too much. Ive always been pretty good with my academics but it hasn't ever been what i love and what i want to do. At school, academics is what you eat, live and breathe. And the only question asked is: what are you going to do next year??? Quite honestly it feels like poison shoved down my throat. On weekends I go home and life is good. I revive the person with the paint brush.

At school people seldom understand what i mean by 'i want to go home' - home is not just a place where i sleep. It is my fortress where my battery is charged.

So this weekend i went 'home' after an emotionally draining week and Saturday night i cried again. My mom and dad where there for me, which means the world to me. Sunday night i spoke to my mother. She successfully reminded me that we have never been the family who only has academics and university in mind. I have never been a person who slept at one in the morning because i studied. And you know what? I was fine, actually more than fine. I am not going to university next year. Not because i wont qualify, but because God has another plan and this i know for sure.
I am going to go home and live with my family - be a family that God can send anytime he needs to. Contrary to what many may think, this not as easy as it sound.

SO next time you ask me what i want to do, don't expect the answer you want.

Monday, 13 August 2012

My Matric Farewell

A night filled with dancing (some of us just attempting it), laughter and taking photos! I really enjoyed it, just as much as I enjoyed the preparation. 
This is a shout out to all my amazing friends who made my night! Julle is die beste!
And especially my Mom & Dad. Lief vir julle!

 The after-weekend was just as fun. We played Pictionary, Scrabble, Monopoly and 30 Seconds! We had cream soda floats at Spur, where we also ate so much we almost didn’t all fit in the car on our way home! This was the best few days I’ve had in a long time. Once again thank you to all my friends!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Matric farewell news

Tomorrow is my matric farewell.... All i'm gonna say is stay tuned for n pretty great post- coming soon ;)

Totally Turquoise

Inspiration: My turquoise earrings which - just so by the way - i made myself ;)
Below: I had fun here.... (It was one of my 'genius' jokes that I find hilarious, but will most probably leave the people around me staring, baffled and clearly concerned) OH WELL... HA-HA!