Friday, 10 January 2014

Adanna fashion show prep

 Last year I decided i wanted to organize a dinner to thank the people who have supported me during my gap year, and the years leading up to my gap year. I wanted to feast together and just celebrate! Then i though i might as well make 3 outfits to show the guests.... All of this quickly escalated to my decision of having a Fashion show in April - an event with about 60 people, 6 outfits on the runway and a proper sit-down meal. I sometimes feel that I'm in over my head - but i say lets rock this shindig! If it fails there will still be food and we will still enjoy each other's company :)

I wish to photograph the clothing and i will send out a portfolio that will hopefully blow people away. I have great expectations of what God will do with this event in the future.

I ask for all my great fans to support me with prays and wall posts and mutual excitement :D