Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


So much has been happening that my blogging skills are lagging behind. I have learnt so much about pattern design - in fact I have made quite a few pieces of clothing that has not been photographed... Such a pity! This week though something so amazing happened that I have to share it with you before we try and catch up the past.

You  need to visit their website to get a real idea of Vlisco fabric at

Change of plans

For those of you who have been wondering about my initial plans to join 2014's Ywam DTS, this is the letter I've sent to them.

To the Ywam team.

I have always felt that I am called to Africa. Two years ago God told me that He will still show me Africa. And that we will go as a family. I also felt that I want to serve people and disciple nations.

Early this year when I felt I need to join Ywam I thought that this is my way into Africa. This is where I will serve and teach people the skills that God gave me. The picture seemed perfect. It made sense.

However, later this year I was asked the question ‘Why?’ on several occasions. And the people who asked me are people close to me who know the calling God has placed on my life. They were all baffled by my decision; because they all seemed to agree that I am doing all of these things already. I am starting my own business as a fashion designer (which is such a ‘worldly’ job) but this is what I’m passionate about and I have no doubt that this is God’s plan. I wish to teach ladies how to make garments that show their beauty and character - the way God created a woman. And so I can now see why people felt I should stay put and carry on with this dream that God gave me. Not leave it to perish.

All of the above made me think about God’s promises to me. And I realize now that if He so clearly told me I will see Africa with my family, it is my job to believe that and pursue it. And that if I want to disciple nations I have to start right here where I am.

And so, sadly, I have decided not to do the DTS in January 2014. It is my responsibility to cultivate and nurture this calling from God, so that it may flourish and show a part of God’s beautiful creation.

I would have loved to meet all of you. I would have loved to share all the amazing experiences you are going to have together as a team. May you be blessed and may you glorify God’s name in all you do.

Maybe our paths will cross someday.

With love,

Berna van Zyl 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Adanna's first market

Looking back on the market we had on Saturday I realise that everything that happened was true to Adanna.
For example, we pitched up our stall in the garden under the trees - far away from the white tents and the ‘buzz’. Marketing-wise the placement of our stall was a dreadful mistake. We on the other hand enjoyed relaxing under the trees on picnic blankets, with the kids playing around us.  
Adanna is more than a few items, it’s a lifestyle and it doesn’t belong in the crowded environments. We choose a piece of grass above a clean pavement. We choose clouds and leaves above roofs made of sink. We choose a peaceful day.
We also had free peaches at our stall. Sadly Very few people found pleasure in this. We on the other hand ate one delicious peach after the other.
All and all I say it was a huge success, not necessarily money wise, but I did it and something big shifts in the sky every time we are obedient to something small that was laid on our hearts by Him.
God’s favour has been on me since the very beginning. Nothing can stop us now!

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve that I wish to execute before this year is over.

Monday, 21 October 2013


I have been slaving away behind my sewing machine.
I have finally decided to  sell my products! I have a stall at the Country Christmas Market on the 9th of November, at Ilanga House, Piet Retief. If all goes according to plan, I will be selling these collars as well. They are reversible - so a bright African fabric side for the brave and simple leather for the plain-Jane. (Perfect for people with split personalities)

  I will keep you updated in terms of that.

How are you guys liking Adanna’s new layout?

On Saturday I left all the market prep aside and focused on something for myself (selfish sewing!). I designed my own retro bathing suit pattern from scratch. AND I MUST SAY... It is looking GOOD!
I will post photos as soon as possible! #fortheloveofretro

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Adanna's Post #3

I wanted to do a piece on winter 2013's trends. Now that the first signs of spring blossoms are already brightening up our lives, I realize that I completely forgot about it. I never finished it and now it is too late. Here is the little bit that I managed to finish. Enjoy. 
(Click on the photos to enlarge them)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Monochrome Peplum Dress

This dress is based on the previous green dress' pattern from Burda.

I used the original bodice and made it a peplum top. The pencil skirt at the bottom is not in any way tied to the peplum top. So this outfit is very versatile, as you can wear both pieces separately or together as a dress.
I used black leather and a sort of woven fabric that I bought for R45 at work. The fabric is actually for upholstery, but I loved the charcoal colour and the woven texture. The fabric gave the dress a good structured form. 
 I stitched the zipper on top of the fabric, because i was scared that the fabric would be too thick for a hidden zipper and that it would not lie down nicely.
In the end I think the zipper adds to the whole dramatic feel of the dress.

My mother did a wonderful job behind the camera, didn't she?
Mommy made pancakes so I'm gonna love and leave you now.
Enjoy the weekend!