Change of plans

For those of you who have been wondering about my initial plans to join 2014's Ywam DTS, this is the letter I've sent to them.

To the Ywam team.

I have always felt that I am called to Africa. Two years ago God told me that He will still show me Africa. And that we will go as a family. I also felt that I want to serve people and disciple nations.

Early this year when I felt I need to join Ywam I thought that this is my way into Africa. This is where I will serve and teach people the skills that God gave me. The picture seemed perfect. It made sense.

However, later this year I was asked the question ‘Why?’ on several occasions. And the people who asked me are people close to me who know the calling God has placed on my life. They were all baffled by my decision; because they all seemed to agree that I am doing all of these things already. I am starting my own business as a fashion designer (which is such a ‘worldly’ job) but this is what I’m passionate about and I have no doubt that this is God’s plan. I wish to teach ladies how to make garments that show their beauty and character - the way God created a woman. And so I can now see why people felt I should stay put and carry on with this dream that God gave me. Not leave it to perish.

All of the above made me think about God’s promises to me. And I realize now that if He so clearly told me I will see Africa with my family, it is my job to believe that and pursue it. And that if I want to disciple nations I have to start right here where I am.

And so, sadly, I have decided not to do the DTS in January 2014. It is my responsibility to cultivate and nurture this calling from God, so that it may flourish and show a part of God’s beautiful creation.

I would have loved to meet all of you. I would have loved to share all the amazing experiences you are going to have together as a team. May you be blessed and may you glorify God’s name in all you do.

Maybe our paths will cross someday.

With love,

Berna van Zyl