Saturday, 21 September 2013

Monochrome Peplum Dress

This dress is based on the previous green dress' pattern from Burda.

I used the original bodice and made it a peplum top. The pencil skirt at the bottom is not in any way tied to the peplum top. So this outfit is very versatile, as you can wear both pieces separately or together as a dress.
I used black leather and a sort of woven fabric that I bought for R45 at work. The fabric is actually for upholstery, but I loved the charcoal colour and the woven texture. The fabric gave the dress a good structured form. 
 I stitched the zipper on top of the fabric, because i was scared that the fabric would be too thick for a hidden zipper and that it would not lie down nicely.
In the end I think the zipper adds to the whole dramatic feel of the dress.

My mother did a wonderful job behind the camera, didn't she?
Mommy made pancakes so I'm gonna love and leave you now.
Enjoy the weekend!


This bag is made from fabric that I bought for R45 at work on Monday. There's still plenty of fabric left for other projects. Yay!
I realized this week that classic designs are much more difficult that abstract ones. You can not hide faulty proportions and bad stitching in something that has classic, plain, straight lines. However, in busy patterns and skew lines you can make a little mistake that will just go unnoticed because your eyes are distracted by these odd elements. 
Although I have a fascination with colourful, over-the-top African fabrics, I ultimately like a classic piece that is good quality, "eenvoudig" and timeless. This bag is most definitely my favorite so far! 

  I lined the bag with an African Cotton fabric.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Help my mooi lyk hempie...

This was my first pattern I made on my own. Although it’s plain and simple I am proud to say it is fit for my figure. I am using my mom’s old varsity book to learn how to create a pattern from scratch. So far I’ve made a basic bodice block pattern. I have already learnt so much :) Oh the joy of making something of your own!! OK back to the point…
This floral tank top is actually for this up-coming summer, but I couldn't just let it hang in my closet…. So I made it work for this in between weather! I love it! It is comfortable and plain but the fabric makes is different and beautiful- my kind of clothing!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tapestry Pencil Skirt

This skirt is a self made pattern. There really isn’t much to it except for the contrasting zipper. I really like the colours of the flowers – the orange, yellow, beige, brown and touches of green. Typical colours of nature at this time of the year!