This bag is made from fabric that I bought for R45 at work on Monday. There's still plenty of fabric left for other projects. Yay!
I realized this week that classic designs are much more difficult that abstract ones. You can not hide faulty proportions and bad stitching in something that has classic, plain, straight lines. However, in busy patterns and skew lines you can make a little mistake that will just go unnoticed because your eyes are distracted by these odd elements. 
Although I have a fascination with colourful, over-the-top African fabrics, I ultimately like a classic piece that is good quality, "eenvoudig" and timeless. This bag is most definitely my favorite so far! 

  I lined the bag with an African Cotton fabric.


  1. If not the best then its one of the best Works you had done... This looks great and awesome on the inside... I need my suite now!!! Beautiful B*

    1. Thanks Mali! Its definately my favorite, that's for sure! :)


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