Adanna's first market

Looking back on the market we had on Saturday I realise that everything that happened was true to Adanna.
For example, we pitched up our stall in the garden under the trees - far away from the white tents and the ‘buzz’. Marketing-wise the placement of our stall was a dreadful mistake. We on the other hand enjoyed relaxing under the trees on picnic blankets, with the kids playing around us.  
Adanna is more than a few items, it’s a lifestyle and it doesn’t belong in the crowded environments. We choose a piece of grass above a clean pavement. We choose clouds and leaves above roofs made of sink. We choose a peaceful day.
We also had free peaches at our stall. Sadly Very few people found pleasure in this. We on the other hand ate one delicious peach after the other.
All and all I say it was a huge success, not necessarily money wise, but I did it and something big shifts in the sky every time we are obedient to something small that was laid on our hearts by Him.
God’s favour has been on me since the very beginning. Nothing can stop us now!

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve that I wish to execute before this year is over.


  1. Lyk eintlik belaglik awesome! Volgende keer is dit bietjie nader aan hierdie kant, neh? Huh? Huh? Huh? ;-)

  2. Haha get what you mean Jodan (Mannequin) Pragtig berns!


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