Grey Top/Jersey

Soft grey top/jersey I made with grey leather trimmings around the neck and a red zip at the back. I used an old McCall pattern I borrowed from a friend.


  1. Just found your blog through the post about the bag pictured at BurdaStyle. I've been reading through older blog posts and had to comment on this one. Wow! Very cool detail. I may try this on a refashioned top I've been planning. Love the bag, as well. I've bookmarked your blog for future reading.
    ~Pam in the U.S.

    1. Hello Pam!
      Im so happy to know you enjoy my blog!
      The leather on this top really helps to keep the structure and the shape. When stitchjmg leather though, always glue it together first. Otherwise it moves around.

      Do you have a blog?

      Happy reading :)
      X Berna


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