Die sout van die aarde 

This post is dedicated to three of my friends:
Zesu, Michelle and Mandaba although i've only known you for just over a year now you have become very close to me. In fact i think we have all  become really close to one another. Thank you for what you mean to me. Thank you for sharing your lives with me. Thank you for being the sisters i never had.
Zesuliwe - You were my roomate for a year, and although we thought we were never going to get along, we soon realised He put the two of us next to each other for a reason. We have enough memories already to  last a life time. Thank you sissie.
"I'm a pistol (bang-bang).... "
Neliswa - My sout rooi tamatie... My Molly.... dankie vir jou geduld en liefde. You always manage to brighted up my day. And thank you for dealing with my mood-swings ;)
PS: I'll bring more sugar next term... you deserve it

 Michelle - You are the first friend i ever made a taco for - AND took it to school on a Monday morning. I hope you know that. With you never a dull moment, never a quiet moment either. I know Big-foot and Mushroom would agree with me that you are very special (and not in a retarded way)
Next term: PLEASE no raisins and tacos ok? 