I'm Only Young ONCE!

My inspiration – my grandmothers birthday, my red lip-stick and Lana Del Rey….
I’m only sixteen once. We’re only young once. Let’s run around barefoot, let’s fall inlove for the first time, kiss, dress-up, sing in the shower, sleep late and dream of tomorrow. Let’s live.
Today I sat around a table with many older people. I realized how time flies and there really ain’t much we can do about it. In a couple of year I’ll be married and have children. Perhaps I’ll no longer be on earth. I don’t want to look back on life and regret not living in the moment. I do not want to look at all the time I wasted. I want to know I lived every moment, stretched every boundary, loved many people, experience countless emotions. I want to know I lived.
I’m young and this might sound rebellious but I do believe every child has a right to be naughty every now and then. We have a right to make mistakes, fall in and out of ‘love’. Because at the end, at least you’ll know you lived a fun life without limits and without caring what the world says.
SO yes... If I want a kiss from a random stranger in the road or if I want to skinny-dip in the river… Let me do so. I’m not stupid or reckless. I know the lines I shouldn’t cross.  But let me be young.


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