Paas-Uithourit 2012 Confidence to Amsterdam

Hello there! I have to apologize for my absence - My laptop has been having a few problems and besides that my holiday has been action-packed and busy…
Yesterday marked the last day of an exciting 3 days of my holiday. We ended our Paas-Uithourit 2012 Confidence to Amsterdam.  We were seven people (friends) that rode over 80km on horseback over a period of three days. This sounds easy but I can assure you it challenged many aspects  of our lives. It obviously physically stretched us –I could barely sit the first night. But it also had its emotional toll on us –The first night I started crying, because it seemed pointless to have to walk that far and put so much trust in a horse 3 times your size. I finished it though, and looking back I realised how much we learnt from simple things such as having to jump over a creek with your horse. We developed our navigation skills and it asked a lot of nerve.

My horse Milo - And my milo ;)

My dad and Amore handing out certificates ;)
Ons sing om die vuurtjie...

Thank you Immanuel, Kimmie, Wian, Jodan & all our parents. I had a lot of fun and I say next year we make it 100km (or more)!