INSPERATION : Jannie Du Toit

This morning I awoke with one aspiration – to have fun. I read about Jeremiah’s struggles and disputes he had to conquer. Just once I asked to have fun. No homework. No life lesson to learn the hard way. No difficult discussions. Just jollification.
God answer my prayers. I spent my night listening attentively to the words of a man, who happens to be the inspiration of today’s post. The cherry on top was being the lucky one out of over a hundred people to  walk off with his CD….
Here are my thoughts on tonight:
INSPERATION : Jannie Du Toit
The best music is what was there before we started filling our ears with emotionless beats and foul, empty language. Somewhere along the line we saw something in lyrics such as ‘I wanna make love in this club’. What happened to ‘Jantjie Pieterse my pel wan die platteland…’?
This night was one of the highlights of this year... so far. No disco lights, no shirtless men and no Justin-Biebers. Just meaningful lyrics from a man who has experienced the best and worst of memories. It was real and authentic. Thank you Oom Jannie for reminding me what music should sound like and simply for a great night. Salute.