After a week with my beloved Blue Nokia...

This post follows From a Smartphone to a Brick.  Here are my thoughts about the week with my Nokia:
1.       I know now where I used to get time to read: before I go to bed at night. These days I chat until my eyes eventually close.
2.       I learnt to enjoy the quiet moments because I didn’t always have music around me.
3.       I realised how often I pick up my phone when I’m bored without thinking.
4.       Going on Facebook became something to look forward to, instead of a habit.
5.       Communicating with the Nokia took a lot of airtime! (No mxit, whatsapp and Gtalk) 
6.       I only had to charge my phone ONCE this week.
7.       A message came up saying my inbox is full. How many messages was in my inbox? FIVE.
8.       I realised SNAKE2 was the best cell phone game ever created. It is legendary.
It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed it. I will definitely appreciate my phone and technology a lot more now. If I can get to a point where I can appreciate technology and use it only when necessary and not let it waste my time and make me lazy, I will be happy.  
"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." -Gertrude Stein 



  1. I say SNAKE2 is still the best cause phones have became to high teach that we do get games like SNAKE2... i think i need to get myself the Blue Brick... lol just for SNAKE2....


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