My Mood Board

My mom and I redid my room about a week ago. The whole concept behind it was to bring two worlds together. A place where Africa meets Classic vintage. A perfect example of this is Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring that is placed next to Zesu who portrays a African image - so similar to Vermeer’s painting and yet two worlds apart. This is exactly what I feel my role in life is – to bring the two worlds together.

What’s more is I didn’t buy a thing. The table that currently stands in my room was my dad’s workshop table. It was covered in grease. We SCRUBBED it.

The manikin (as shown in the picture) had a makeover. A little paint can do wonders.

The Poster above my bed is so ugly that it is beautiful. I’ve always seen these ‘little-kids-kissing’ pictures as common. It used to be my German Aunt’s. My mom kept it all these years for the plank on which it was glued. But when I came across this one in the attic I realised its potential. And it creates one image with the “always kiss me goodnight” which was already in the room.

The Industrial light which hangs at my mirror was my dad’s. Just like the table it was covered in grease! Thank you Handy Andy!

And the wooden box next to my bed was also sourced from the garage!

This is my piece of paradise. This is where my creativity and inspiration takes form. This is the mood board in which I live!


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Hey how much money you got in the bank Bru ;)?

  2. Love it Berna and yes please fix Wian room too he is grown now haha

  3. Love it Berna and yes please fix Wian room too he is grown now haha

  4. Brenda your work is phi-nominal, I admire your style and passion. There isn't a lot of people who really live there dreams.

    You are very creative. Love your poem.


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