Another Poem

I avoided writing a love poem
In fear of reaching for words that fail to explain
Even worse you’ll think it’s yours to claim
You do not understand the battle at hand

You drive into town
Ready to take what you don’t own
I have loved this land
 You high-handed fool!
I have cared for it with my own hand and tool
My ancestors built these walls –
A foundation that could outstand a wars

I have kept this ground fertile
Untouched dew lay before you
Natural beauty that overwhelms
So you take cheap words
To try and fill the blanks you don’t comprehend
I’m sorry to offend
It’s not a feeling of disdain
It’s just that it’s not yours to claim

One day a warrior
Will enter through these walls
On his arrival I will drop my guard
Against him I will not rival
I have been waiting, praying, earnestly seeking
For eyes that tell a tale
Of innocence kept
Amidst Babylon’s Goddess
Trying to lure him with her deceiving caress
A woman with many faces
Crying tears of wasted lust
Expensive fragrances in the air now lost

He found a place where he could rest
He could admire the swallows
Carefully building they nest
Away from the candy coated gallows

Where he could admire the night sky
Away from people looking to change their stars –  
People reeking from corruption and bribery
All this to reach top of the rank
Hate to break it to you
Your money’s not safe in the bank

He fled Sodom
Set on searching for his destined bride
Left the world behind –
A worthy fight
For a lady wearing white

Feel free to claim – for it already bears your name
It was written in the stars
Set in stone
By Him seated on the throne
To be executed by mere man
By flesh and blood two constellations unite –
To create a new life.
A new universe.
Forever his and hers.

 By Berna van Zyl


  1. Beautiful... word that comes closest (yet very far) to explaining it:)

  2. Wat is daar meer te sê as wat hier gesê is!!!! Baie mooi!


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