Birthday Celebrations!

Officially eighteen! 

I have been a very bad blogger - I know - but this month my data usage hit the roof and left me with no option other than to stop uploading photos. 
Oh and I passed my learners on Wednesday (second time lucky?) :D 
I have so much to write about! New poetry inspiration, the future, my video and and and... But it will have to wait until after this weekend! I have places to go and people to see :) 

au revoir



  1. Berna, if you need Data to update your Blog just ask. You need to update it for it means a lot more than you know to your followers. It’s something that allows people to feel alive and part of something bigger in this universe.

    We are all placed on considered places over the word with a set of chores for each of us, one of yours is to inspire and not give it slag.

    1. Hey Alex. Thank you so much! Not quite sure how to respond to all this positive feedback. You're so kind... I love it when someone appreciates the bigger picture but also the small detail in every day life.

      I checked out your blog - Reading it makes me wanna grab my old bicycle, dust it off and hit the road... (Not realistic since I'm the literal definition of the word 'unfit'!) So I will stick to doing what I do best and leave you to race across South Africa :) Five days from now... Very close, very exciting... ENJOY! I'm jealous to think of everything you will see and experience. Keep us updated!

      Oh and I will try not to let it slag...

      Be blessed!

    2. PS: May I ask how you came across my blog?

  2. You wont believe my answer.
    I am a very positive person and like to feed myself with positive information, soooo.......I googled something about motivation or something, think it was images. Any i stumbled upon one of your poems and it grabbed me with both hands.

    What amazes me the most it the fact that you are only 18 and sees the world in such a blessed way with total different eyes and a whole other perspective. Harmony, Friendship, Piece, Tranquility and beauty are the key elements mother earth strives for.

    So ya that's the sweet and short of it.

    Regarding my Blog, thanks a million for watching it. I am very exited and can,t wait to start on Sunday. Its a big challenge and quite intense as well. Its all about the ability to focus on one goal and to obtain the correct mind set. LOL


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