Herfs/Autumn 2013

I have not taken a walk on the farm just to take photos of the farm itself for ages! I somehow decided that there was nothing I haven't zoomed in on or captured with my Canon. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG. Nature never get's old! I got out of bed to photograph the sunrise yesterday - What a blessing; and I have taken a couple of late afternoon walks to produce these photos. Thus, I am proud to say that these photographs have not been Photoshopped - Natural beauty at its best. 


  1. We get so use of our surroundings that we need a photograph to remind us of the beauty of nature!?
    Baie mooi fotos!!!

  2. Die fodies is finominaal. Ons is soo geseend en besef dit nie elke dag nie. Ons vat dit as van selfsprekend. Somtyds moet ons net stil staan en alles om ons inneem, net vir daai oomblik.

    Ek sien dit as n gawe om n oog vir die mooi in die natuur te he.
    Goeie werk Berna

  3. I just found your blog-I am so happy to see all of your beautiful photographs and projects!

    1. Thank you! I read your blog too! Lovely :)

      Happy blogging!


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