Soul Food on Home Soil vol.2

One of 2013's highlights so far... Oh! Horse-apples! IT IS THE HIGHLIGHT. In fact that whole week was.

I Visited my brother in Vryheid some time in March. And somehow managed to assemble all of my friends for the weekend :). Zesu, Mandaba, Michelle, Sbo and of course the men were all there [;)] !

The reason we all came on that particular week was because it was Soul Food on Home Soil vol.2 that weekend. It is an open mic poetry and music session.  All I'll say is: If you were not there you missed out! These artists write poetry that will make you weep!

I recited one of my own poems as well. It was the start and the end of my performing career. Ill write, but not perform :) I can honestly say I've tried. And I can tick it off of my bucket list!

Here are some photographs...

Here is my Poem:

"I long for the woman in me.
To write on heart with words – unconditional, unconventional.
To paint portraits of you and me
In contrasting colours of our skins,
Capturing the moment in monochromes.
To strive for beauty
And stride with submissive authority.
To design with meaning
And everlasting durability.
To cry tears on behalf of my people,
Cause people are people
And people make mistakes.
I ask forgiveness for their sakes.

I long for the man.
The man who lives from the soil
And drinks from the spring.
Who gives back to the land
And does labour with his own two hands.
The man who will find contentment -
In the everyday rise of the sun
The smile of his young
The words of his mother tong.
The man who will not complete me,
But compliment me.
The man who will not be my other half,
But my other whole.
The man I’ll love with my whole heart
And soul.

I long for Africa.
Fro her to talk to me in patterns
And wrap me in her fabrics.
For her to sing her sad song
And teach me how to dance.
For her to wipe my tears
And take away my fears. 

I long...
For I HAVE tasted.

Land of love, will you let me in?"

Here are the posters that I designed:

Keep an eye on my blog and I'll notify you about volume 3!



  2. The poem is amazing waw, well done girl.
    You are truly blessed, i am hooked onto your blog.

    keep it up.


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