Part of the journey

This morning I wrote:
I want to apologize if you found my previous post offending. In my poem I said that I some times feel being white is a curse. By saying that I do not mean I despise it. I only mean that the path God placed me on is not easy. But me being white is a blessing. And a privilege. Because there's now way I could make the difference I believe I am making if I were black.
I don't take back what I said because I meant it and it's part of my learning journey.
Tonight night all of the above was confirmed...
I just go into a lift. And there was this Indian man. It was just the two of us and he asked me where I come from. I said Piet Retief. Then he asked where I study. I told him I'm not studying yet. He said I should stay in Mpumalanga because he is a scientists and he says KZN is not going to last. It is becoming black. He says he gives it ten years time. Then he ends by saying "the blacks should be killed". He gets out. It felt like the earth gave way beneath me. I cried. Then I realized I'm so over it.
At least I can now rest assured knowing #1 I'm fighting a worthy cause #2 God made me who I am for a reason #3 I'm gonna leave one hell of a legacy behind one day.