Is jy n man of n muis?

I walk down the street
I see white white white black white white
Heading down-town white fades to black
Black black black is what I see
Glancing into the window of a salon I am met by a face
White as snow
She must surely be out of place

I trace the face back to the reflection of a hand which becomes my arm which becomes my body... by being
How is it that I find myself in this part of town?
Where the beat of life’s realistic tunes fill the air
Hunger and corruption
But more
You see life is not always greener on my side.
I want to walk wherever I please
But the colour of my skin refuses to release me
Damn it, I said release me
Please free me!

Now don’t get me wrong
I adore my fair complexion
And the heritage
Even though it lacks perfection
But why should it hold me back...
Is it because I’m not black?

I know racism like few people do
Hard to believe since I’m not disadvantaged
But that’s just the thing
I am.
I am because I need to watch where I go
Cause I don’t blend in
I don’t blend in to the surroundings that attract me
That calls me
“Come see! Come see! Come see what we have on the ‘dark’ side!”
I know the situation is more complex than contrasting complexions
But I want to walk where I want to walk
I want to be who I want to be

Black black black black
I am white
Where it’s black
Sometimes I feel me being white is a curse.
O! Did I just say that?
Forgive me

Society better eat my dust
As I run the different race
Ek vra myself:
Is ek n man of n muis?

I look at your face and then at our fingerers...interlaced
Black white black white
Do you want to do this with me? 
Do you want to be the change with me?
Do you want to throw it in this world’s face?
As we run this different race I ask you
 “Is jy n man of n muis?”


  1. aaaaah you poet you!#WORD

  2. Sitholokuhle Percy Ndwandwe23 April 2013 at 13:31

    Dit is baie goed Berna :), ek verstaan dit n bitjie beter nou dat ek dit alweer lees, en sein jy dat ek is nie bang om my naam neer te skryf nie, en verskoon my

    1. Hahahahaha well done Stho :) or should I rather say 'mooi so Stokkies'? :) Or maybe 'usebenzile'?

    2. I think 'well done Stho!' sounds

  3. This is awesome, well said Berna. Wish moire people could open there eyes and look at the world the way you do, it will make Mother earth the way she is mend to be......filled with harmony and love.

    Well done.

    To be white is not a curse but more an opportunity.


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