Operation: Zuhair Murad

Of all the dresses i spotted recently my two favorite dresses were the these:
This morning I happened to watch Fashion Tv. They were showing Zuhair Murad's Winter-Fall Collection 2012. My eyes were glued to the telly! Seriously I've never seen a runway parading so many beautiful dresses. If I didn't have 'van Zyl short legs', non existent lips and a few other flaws were removed, I would totally have become a model just to wear one of his designs... 


Back to the point.
So I googled him and was surprised that amongst all his incredible designs, the above mentioned dresses happened to be his too. 
I love the feeling of utter amazement, excitement and desire i get while drooling over one of his incredible pieces of art.

Here are my favorites:  

For more visit www.zuhairmurad.com


  1. Hannah Montanna!!!!!! #Screaming

    1. Seriously?? It's Miley Cirus... and you cant wear the dress better than her... or can you...? ;)


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