Lost in thought...

I made a friend a promise – I promised to return to school with my past 5 weeks put on paper… A letter explaining what I’m feeling and who I want to be and what I want to achieve. It’s been bugging me that I don’t have the words or emotions to explain any of the mentioned points. I am content with my life, my relationship with God and everything. But, strangely I don’t have anything to say about it. I don’t have an inspirational speech. I don’t have complaints. I don’t have any words. It is taking a lot from me just to write this.

One thing I have to say though us that I’m excited. God has been revealing so much to me and to my family. I’m honoured to be a part of his plan. Suddenly thoughts I’ve had for years are being confirmed and life is making so much sense. I’d try to explain what I mean…. But my words simply can’t.

My thoughts concerning school: What’s that can you eat it? I really don’t spend more that 5 minutes thinking of school daily – Shocking I know since I’m in matric. But seriously it’s just school and it’s not the end of the world(yet). And I’ll do my best, but I have more going on in my life that just books. If any teachers have a problem with that… Well shame ;)

Thank you Ma, Pa en Boetie. I’m loving being home, just the 4 of us. And I know one thing for sure… We are in for good and exciting things. Ek’s lief vir julle.


  1. Dis goed om te weet jy worrie nie te veel oor skool nie. En "goodluck" met die Autobiography.

    1. Dankie Jodan... Is jy so verveeld dat jy my blog lees...? ;)

  2. As jy so dink. Hoekom sit jy elipses voor die vraag teken, is daar nog wat...kom?


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