Inlove with a Manikin

So I had quite a bit of fun today. I drew inspiration from my summer skirts and floral patterns. I felt alive and inspired, but when it came to taking the photos I suddenly felt lonely.


Meet my hubby George. He is the new love of my life. He is the best man you’ll ever find… He is handsome. He never back chats. He dresses well. Doesn’t ever complain about me talking to much. He is very mysterious and likes keeping to himself. The real definition of an enigma. I'm hearing wedding bells already!

(Friendly tip: Do not comment on his clothing. My brother will shoot you =))


  1. Hahaha Your Brother shoot some one, now thats something I would pay 2 c.... O wait gessing hez gona read the comment Dude I hope you've lost the man bag by now hmmmm I've got a feeling that would be bout enough to get him agitated.........=P


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