These Streets

This morning (like every other morning so far) showed no sign of hope at first. The sun woke me up before my alarm. A weariness creaped over me and the day of work stood like a mountain in front of me. I made a decision not to force myself back into an restless sleep. I got up and told God how I felt about life, my parent, my friends, my whole world. I thanked Him for this journey, for everyone who is behind me, for my job and this world. After that, the sun shining into my room was a sign of life and a brand-new day. I got up and started the usual morning routine.

Work is getting better everyday.

I walk out every morning and as I walk to work I pass all the regular security guys. I've started to remember faces (still working on the names). There's Bongani on the corner just outside our flat - he always smiles and asks me how my day is looking. Then there's the jolly guy at the shop that helps me carry out the heavy steel chair (he loves talking too much). Fernando is my go-to-guy. He is the head of security - Always there. I'm getting the hang of the credit card machine. Today though it broke and I had to call the help line. I felt so...legit!

Last night I had an Asian duck dish - a first for me. It was delicious. I've never been so close to restaurant that offer such a wide variety of cuisine. I enjoyed my meal. After that I had tee. And to top it off I had Wakkaberry Frozen Yogurt for pudding! A pretty peachy night of exciting flavours. (although the frozen yogurt and candy ensured that I only fall asleep at 12:30 this morning).

This is the part where I say: Don't worry Mom and Dad, I am still coming home. BUT I have to say that this Stellenbosch's vibe it growing on me.
Every now and the there is a band, or a man singing opera, or two guys gumboot dancing. I know it's for the tourists - but I love it. It excites me to see people doing something they are good at.

At the moment Stellenbosch University is busy with their Mad Square program; This is exciting too! On Thursday it is Vensters - But more on that later. It's so cool to hear the first years sing their songs as they march in a group down the street. Last night I heard two hostels greeting each other with their 'greetings'. It is insane, you can actually see and hear the traditions of all these residents. Pretty cool i must say.

My point really being that I'm starting to like it here. Who knows... Maybe Il'l be here come 2014. The possibilities are endless.

Lesson of the day: Give everyone, every place, everything in life a chance. YOU CAN'T JUDGE ON WHAT YOU'VE BEEN TOLD. People, places and opportunities might surprise you. You can learn something from everything- you can either learn what to do or what not to do, what you like or what you don't like.

Thank you for the journey You have placed on my path. May I learn. Every. Single. Day.


  1. Dankie!!!! Ons het dit baie geniet!!!

    1. Plesier! Gaan n hele book kan maak van al die Kaap posts!


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