A Spontaneous Moment

One of my first blog posts was about "a spontaneous moment". Tonight I had one of those moments. This is personal, but I want to share it with you because it is a part om my life story. If you are one of those judgey tipes, I kindly ask that you take your critisism somewhere else. Thank you. If not...

Here's the whole story.

One of my best friends (who will not be  named for... uhm security purposes...?) is a first year at Tygerberg this year. For those who still don't know: I am currently in Stellenbosch. This afternoon I was strolling down the street when I suddenly had an urge to call my friend. I called him and told him that I miss him terribly. In the background I could here a lot of people screaming.
"Where are you?"
"I'm in Stellenbosch",  he answered. I thought: Oh ok he is probably busy with first year stuff. We ended the call.

Back at the flat I sent him a sms telling him that i miss my friend and if I find out he was is in Stellenbosch with a few minutes to spare, that he didn't tell me about, I will personally kill him.

My phone lighted up and and a friendly face was on the screen. I answered...
 "Where are you?"
I hesitated to answer because i was lounging on the couch, not expecting a call. "In my flat.... ok wait! I'll meet you at the church!"
"Which church?"
"The big white one man! The NG looking one! I'll meet you there," I told him as if I have been living here for years and as if i couldn't believe he didn't know the big white church.

Anyway I rushed and put on my sandals, grabbed my handbag and just like that I was on my way. This might seem like a simple everyday situation, but to me it was a situation that brought i massive smile to my face.Basically running down the street I spotted my friend. Here was someone who knows me like very little people here do.

Just this afternoon I was walking alone down the same street, my head filled with memories of home. Tonight I was walking with someone, someone who was part of my memories of home. I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy.
He made me notice the beautiful town, the beautiful streets and the beautiful trees. I guess I felt secure and at home, and that is why i could appreciate everything around me. The beauty that surrounded me every single day.

He told me that he actually lied and told his HK that he was going to the bathroom. His fellow mates called and told him that the bus was leaving. He had to go. He told them that he "got lost and found someone who was very nice (me) and who gave him directions". Who does that?? He said goodbye and he went running down the street to catch his bus.

This is for the man who lies just so that he can give a friend in need a hug.


  1. Ek het jou posts van einde na begin gelees--- en ek sien jy weet eintlik wat die verskil maak in hoe jy/mens voel en hoe jy/mens dinge beleef ---- dit is heeltemal anders as jy dit SAAM met n hartsvriend beleef!!!

    Daarom dat vensters gladnie n lekker ervaring was vir jou --- jy was ALLEEN tussen baie want jy het n hartsvriend nodig gehad om dit saam te beleef, dan het jy ook ander dinge raakgesien/raakgevoel???

    Jy is dapper!! om hierdie geleentheid by MAY, saam met jou neef in n woonstel,in grote vreemde Stellenbosch aan te pak--- en boonop jou ervarings en gevoelens met ons te deel---BAIE DAPPER GIRL!!

    Gryp elke dag, groet almal wat jy al ken oppad werktoe [seker hulle kyk al uit vir daai omgee gesiggie!]xxxx van jou tannie

  2. Finally-I can comment!!!

    1. Who are you? Anyway I'm glad you can comment :) Comment away!

  3. That must be a dope in the sense of not seeing behind the feeling that you projected where as there actual picture was painted behind the smile you put when you guys met. it is a story that a lot of people can relate to and some of us are too foolish to come terms towards the feelings we have for our "friends". i just hope he/she is smart enough how highly you think of him/her.......


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