What's the date today?

Right now I am trying my very best to stay positive. But as I’m paging through the Elle – which is an activity that usually inspires me – I read about S.A.’s creative minds, leading bloggers and insane style reporters. I feel so tiny. I have three-thousand blog views as apposed to What’s-her-names’ twenty-seven-thousand. How will I ever reach my goals when there is already numerous creative giants roaming the streets of South Africa. In my head the 'What if’s' are overshadowing any possibility of hope.

Then again maybe all I need is a paradigm shift. Maybe these creative giants aren’t there to stomp on my dreams, but they are there to pave the way, to inspire, to lead. Maybe my job is to stay true to the little creative dream inside of me.

Its raining. We rushed to the neighbour’s farm after hearing that their house is burning down. “Wian start the car! Berna lock the doors!” were my Mom’s strict orders. When we got there it was a false alarm. The house was fine, it was just a pile of scraps and junk outside of the house that was on fire. All the farmers from the district were buzzing over the not-so-ordinary-day in their farming lives.
We got back and I decided I’d make the best of this storm. I wrapped the camera in a plastic bag, and went off into the storm. Yap, I’m taking pictures in the rain. Hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning all around me gave me a strange rush of excitement.

My previous New Years were spent in town. Fireworks overhead & in the far distance - in fact - there were fireworks all around. The smell of braaivleis lingered in the air.
This year my New Years is being spent at home. The only lights above me is by room light. The smell of braaivleis is absent. In it’s place is the smell of – oh wait! – I can’t smell anything because I have flu. Needles to say this year I’m not feeling the it.