Mafeking Road.

Inspired by Herman Charles Bosman (Salute)

  Mafeking Road

“My sister is one of the strange types” Oom Willem once said. He always knew that, but it was one particular day that made him sure of it. You see, Oom Willem was a boer in the Groot Merico. He had a sister who’s name was Sarie. She was one of those arty types. That kind of person who is scarce as rain is here in the Groot Marico.
This is Oom Willem

Oom Willem liked telling stories.

 And this is one of his stories. Arty farty Sarie was not interested in his stories. She was only interested in the big city stories and the manne from Johannesburg.


One day something happened. Let’s just say Oom Schalk Lourens’ peach brandy was involved. A whole lot of it.


And then strange things started to happen.

Sarie then tried to run away.


 Finally with a loud “Donderdag Sarie sit nou!” Oom Willem got Sarie to calm down. Needless to say she dit NOT want to.  Sarie always gets away with murder. She only sat on that chair for a while.

What followed is a story on its own. All you need to know is that it involved the shaving of Oom Willem’s mustache, the dominee in town … and the new neighbours’ son.

The end.

A special thank you to photographer, Mommy van Zyl.