Cape Town Part One

Hello sailor! Guess who's back? I have once again bailed on my blogging duties - this time my excuse is that I have recently arrived at home and I have taken a few days too settle. I have so much to say but I'm too eager to get all the photos online, so I'll bore you with the detailed events and emotions of the last few weeks later, alligator.

For now here are the photos!

Lets start with Woodstock. Woodstock is where I want to be next year! A variety of people, an industrial feel, an up beat, creative bombshell part of our beautiful Mother City.

So the story behind the following picture: This lady owns The Kitchen. My mom got her recipe book and ever since we paged through this piece of 'art' we have dreamed of actually going to The Kitchen together  one day. Well unfortunately Mom couldn't be there... But I seized the day and scored this lovely picture with none other that Karen Dudley herself!

Woodheads! Not really in Woodstock but close enough... This is one of my favorites! Scraps of leather for R45 a kilo. I'll show you the products once they're made!

Woodstock Exchange Center! I visited this wonderful place with Larel. Stunning.

An absolutely stunning day! Woodstock has so much to offer!