My Monday love story

What you need to know about me before you read this:
I love Leather
I love something with a story
I do vintage

So my cousin is starting a business and has bought an old, run-down, ‘Moroccan’ feel club that he is going to renovate and turn into a Yoga Studio. Yesterday, after I’ve had a pretty bad day at work, I went to have a look around the place with my aunt. It has so much potential. It gets me on a high seeing a dirty old place and imaging all it can be. I just want to get my hands dirty and start cleaning! Man I love it! The place is a mess though. There is literally sand on the floors – it was probably to give it a ‘beach’ vibe.

Anyway I’m getting off track. The previous owner just left the place as is. There are still bottles laying everywhere, couches lying around, a big bucket of olives, a savannah fridge... It’s a mess.

BUT there on the coach was something special. A little leather handbag. Her insides were scattered all over the floor – lip gloss, bank cards, keys. She is stunning though. At first I was a bit scared of wearing her, because (and I’m not paranoid) I didn’t want any baggage from the previous owner to somehow carry over to me if. So I cleaned it, prayed and there she is! Just in need of a little tender love and care. I feel like a hero. I rescued here from a dusty, dirty place and now she is mine, to be looked after, loved and cherished forever. We do still have to get rid of her dirty, smoky smell... but it tells her story and that’s perfect!

Ladies and gentleman isn't she something!