A VERY productive week ;)

Now that I'm nearing the end of the trial exams I am not writing everyday. I came home on Wednesday and I'm only heading back on Tuesday morning. Talk about a long weekend.
I got home and Thursday morning the creative me too over completely. I mean it! I finished my second edition of Adanna's post. Made a pattern for shorts - and then made two pairs (see pictures below)! After that I got more inspiration from some unknown place inside of me and started making peter-pan collars - 3 Of them (also see pictures below). As if that was not enough... I bought the latest Elle. I read and read and looked and read again! I realized that if I want to deliver comments on the fashion world, I better start learning the big-wig's names and their lingo. So this is me starting a journey to discover the world of fashion! I started compiling my Vogue Journal (styles journal). I'm so excited!
Furthermore Mommy bought me a book about Art Nouveau. I have learnt so many words from this book. I need a dictionary beside me while reading, otherwise I get totally lost in the big terms. Isn't it awesome? Me picking up my language and vocabulary? I figured I'm not a good writer, but that doesn't mean I cant improve! Back to the point. When I opened the latest Elle I found out that one of their head articles was about whether fashion is art or not! And here I am learning both! Coincidence? Or is He putting me on the right track for the years to come... Well I don't know, but I will learn as much as I can. I will make all the clothing I possibly can and I will totally give over to creative me.
It's horrible that I have to go back to school and learn about cows...
Reminder to myself: ITS ONLY UNTIL THE 20th OCTOBER....
OK I'm done talking now.. Here are the pictures!
My styles:
Quite a odd match...ey?
My pantaloon :D
African prints as referred to in my newspaper ;)
My own peter-pan collars:

My Shorts:


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