It's been years...

No seriously i feel revitalized as my fingers type my emotions onto my blog - I feel better and better as if this might have been the missing ingredient... That one thing that i do that takes all my school related worries and make them vanish like a magician making a silver coin disappear.

I must admit that things have been a bit rocky lately. Firstly, matric has been challenging to say the least. And secondly time hasn't exactly been on my side either: School until 4, sport until 5, supper followed by extra classes and study. After a day like that all my energy is needed just to get myself into pj's... Never mind the fact that 11 at night is NOT the time when my creativity blooms at its best.

Here I am though letting you know that Im still alive - Very much so! And boy do I have a lot of creative juices flowing through my veins tonight!